Baby Steps

Fantastic news! I am now allowed to do partial weight-bearing!

And there was much rejoicing.

No, but there really was. It is an amazing feeling to be able to make some progress. The only thing is, it’s scary as hell. I am only allowed to bear about 25% of my body weight (I’ll spare myself the embarrassment on how many pounds that means) so I went home and pressed on a scale with my bad leg until I reached that amount, to try and get an understanding for how much weight that is.

But when I’m walking, it’s hard to tell! And on top of that, my leg is so weak. I honestly underestimated how much strength a person can lose in 6 weeks. And I’m so nervous that I’m going to put too much weight on it. And then I’m nervous I’m not putting enough. And then my leg was sore yesterday in the knee area, probably because it’s all like, “Hey, what are you doing? I’ve been chilling for almost two months. Why are you doing this to me?”

But that’s life. Hardly anything is ever really “easy.”

But anyway…so that’s happening. I see my orthopedist in two weeks and we will see how far I’ve progressed since then. I told him I want to go back to school in September, so he is going to get me into physical therapy so I can get back on my feet sooner rather than later. Progress, progress, progress, baby.

The house thing is kind of stuck right now. I need this weekend off. Since we got back from vacation, we have looked at houses for at least four hours straight at least once per weekend. I need a damn break. J can’t really take a day off because he’ll have to make it up, so technically his AT ends after 5:00 on the 14th. The plan is for him to come home that night, spend Friday and Saturday with me to look at houses, and then he will return Sunday to make up four days (I thought it was three, I was wrong, damnit). At least that’s if his commander approves the days. They have to make sure he has something to do.

So, this weekend, I am relaxing. I am hoping my good friend comes to visit. Although since she’s been home, she’s been spotty with texting me back and won’t decide on a day, so I have this overly paranoid fear that she’s avoiding me (because of the fact that I hardly talk to anyone from “the group” we both used to be a part of? I don’t know). But whatever. My best friend is coming over tomorrow and we are going to the movies or something. We will probably get Panera, again, because their macaroni and cheese is AMAZEBALLS. I’ll catch up on some TV, and sleep, and…relax.

And partially bear weight on my bad leg. It actually hurts less today than yesterday (which is when I started writing this post). Score.

Wow. This post is all over the damn place. I’m going to go now. Because I’m at work. And should probably be working.

So…yeah. Bye!

Highs and Lows

After an emotional roller-coaster of a morning Friday, my husband and I met our realtor to look at yet some more houses. I believe it was the second or third in the lineup, but we fell in love with a house. Instantly. We liked it more than any other house we’d seen, and it was like we just knew.

This was the house.

Of course, my husband was leaving the next morning for two weeks (annual training), so he signed all the documents Friday night and we made the decision that if my parents “signed off” on it (i.e. didn’t look at me with wide disbelieving eyes and ask why the hell we would be interested in such a dump), I would put the offer in on Saturday morning.

The next morning, my parents and I went back to the house. I still loved it as much as the day before. My parents loved it. Cut to my realtor’s office, signing the paperwork, signing a check for a thousand dollar deposit, and being told we would hear by 7:00PM that night.

Well, I got the call around 6:00PM saying the current owner was a cop and worked weird hours, so we would have to wait until the following afternoon. His realtor then told my realtor that there were three offers on the table. Since we had lowballed by only $4,000, I called J and we decided to go full price. We wanted this house. We loved this house. And we were going to prove it by giving this guy exactly what he was asking for.

Well, apparently it wasn’t what he was looking for.

Our offer was rejected. I found out yesterday evening around 5:30PM. I was bummed.

I just really thought this house was the one. I was so excited. My cousin came to visit yesterday and I spent hours with her talking about how we would decorate this room and that room, and how I wanted to renovate the upstairs bathroom, and maybe put an island in the kitchen in a few years, and blah blah blah.

So, we’re back to square one. Motherfuck.

But when we decided to go full-price with our offer, we promised ourselves that we’d done everything we could to get this house, and if we didn’t get it then it wasn’t meant to be. I have to stick with that, in my head. It wasn’t meant to be. There’s something better out there that’s perfect for us.

It’s Monday morning, and I’m exhausted. I’m lonely; it’s just me and the cats at home when no one is visiting. I barely got enough sleep Friday night as J was packing and getting ready for AT, and then he was up before the sun and I had a hard time falling back asleep. I went to bed late Saturday night and woke up early involuntarily Sunday morning. And then I stayed up late again last night!

Because J is out of town, my mom is picking me up and dropping me off at work. She works 7:00AM-3:30PM, so I have to get up way earlier than I’m used to for two weeks. No fun.

And that’s about it. I’m working all week. Possibly seeing a very good friend this coming weekend. Hopefully having dinner over my parents’ house sometime this week.

I live an exciting life.