Kitties, Houses, and Homework! Oh My!

Second, an update on kitty! She is doing much, much better. When we brought her home she kept going to the litterbox and straining to poop or pee (not sure), and barely anything came out but blood. 😦 It was so sad. They gave us antibiotics, pain medicine, and anxiety medicine. The first two were liquid and came with syringes. The third was originally a topical for her ear but after some discussion with the vet, she took it back and gave us pills as the topical was too high-risk for me. I started off trying to give kitty the anxiety half-pill in a pill pocket…nope. Mushed between two regular treats…nope. Straight in her mouth…NOPE. Long story short, she hasn’t had a single pill.

The liquid was a lot easier. Every day, she got the antibiotics twice and the pain meds at least once (I tried to space them out to prevent stomach upset). The day after the vet visit, she was so lethargic and not herself that I actually cried because I was so worried for her. She couldn’t use the bathroom, she wouldn’t get up to greet us when we came in the room, she barely purred. It was heartbreaking.

The weekend, though, started the turnaround. She started peeing and pooping, a little. She perked up a bit when we came in the room. She started purring again. She started eating more (before, she was barely eating a 1/4 cup of her new “special” diet/kidney stone food a day). Earlier this week, she only got better and better. Her litterbox is now full. I have weaned her off the pain meds. Her antibiotics should end today. And she finally seems like herself again.

Giving her the medicine has been hard. I did it on my own the first two times, but once J was able to help, it got better. She still hated it. Still hates it. I wish there was a way for me to tell her this is going to help her.

We have to bring her back the vet sometime next week, which…I’m dreading. I’m afraid of 1) the visit bill (last week’s was $600), 2) finding out she needs surgery, and 3) the potential surgery bill (they said at least $1,600). With the closing looming over our heads, using a credit card is out of the question and we are really trying to save all the money we can as we approach that day and the final large deposit to complete the down payment. Yeesh.

Plus, I don’t want her to have surgery. Too sad, too scary. 😦

The vet did say her white blood cells were a bit high and her lymphocytes low (maybe the other way around, I forget), but that they thought it was from stress. They said very rarely that could be indicative of cancer. Ugh. But the rest of her bloodwork came back fine, so…fingers crossed.

Speaking of the vet and bills and money and the closing…TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!! Holy shit. I realized how soon it was the other day and practically had a panic attack. I’m nervous we don’t have all the documents we need, I’m nervous something is going to go wrong…I have to transfer the money from my Fidelity account ASAP to our joint checking in preparation for the deposit remainder. Yikes. And then there’s the whole, “we’re going to own a house” thing and all that. Kind of a big deal.

School is an absolute nightmare. Don’t get me wrong: I love my school, I love my program, and I love what I’m learning. But with everything going on…I can barely concentrate. Mondays and Tuesdays are class nights, Wednesdays I am too exhausted to do any homework, and Thursdays…well, so far, I haven’t been able to motivate myself to do homework yet on Thursdays. So then I do some Friday, some Saturday, and then the entire day Sunday. I wear myself out before I head off to work Monday morning, and Monday is a long day. So is Tuesday. AHHHHH.

I have decided I am no longer resenting my decision to take next semester off. This is too hard. Too much stuff going on. I just need to get through these next few months. Roll on, December!

I’ll try to check in again next week. 🙂 ❤

Sorry, Y’all…Life’s Happening

Where I am: 17w1d
Medications: just the basics
Symptoms: round ligament pain, crampiness, not sleeping well, sore boobs/nipples, random occasional nausea, slow digestion/constipation, congested, serious hip/lower back pain (especially first thing in the morning), waking up at least 3-4x in the night to pee…

I’m 17w today.

Where has the time gone…

True story: I am so excited/anxious about the anatomy ultrasound (when we find out the sex, too!) which is two weeks from Monday that I forgot I have a CNM appointment tomorrow morning. HAH. My trusty countdown on my blog reminded me just a moment ago.

When did I get to the point when I don’t count down the hours to every appointment??

Probably when I got the Doppler. Ahhhh, Dopplers are the best. Sure, they don’t tell me if LB is growing or not genetically abnormal or basically really anything…but it reassures me she’s still alive in there. That’s all I need. I almost don’t remember what it was like living appointment to appointment just to find out if I was still pregnant with a living baby.

Speaking of the Doppler, that once-every-five-days rule isn’t working out for me so well. The round ligament pain is just soooooo intense sometimes, the anxiety gets to me, and I’m already stressed to the max with everything non-baby-related that it sincerely worries me to have my heart racing in fear all the time. But I am not using it every day, and whenever I use it, I shut it off less than a minute after hearing the heartbeat. While I’d love to sit there and listen for hooouuuurrrssss, I don’t want to harm or irritate LB. Plus, she’s so easy to find! I swear, she hasn’t moved from my lower right side since about 13w. I find it within a minute, and I shut it off within a minute from there. I get my reassurance that all is well. That heart is still beating. And that’s good enough for me.

Not much else to report in pregnancy-land. RLP is a bitch, the hip and back pain doesn’t seem to be consistently getting worse as I thought it was, but it flares up something awful every few days. Getting out of bed to pee is basically torture. I hope this is a sign LB is growing at an appropriate rate and my poor pelvis and everything else in my abdomen is just protesting to having to share the space. 😉

I’m definitely showing. 100%. Hiding at work is getting miserable. I’m wearing non-work-appropriate clothing (i.e. sweatshirts) to try and hide it but…such futile efforts. My boss still doesn’t know but that has more to do with being busy as shit than anything else.

Still haven’t announced. In fact, I’ve barely worked on it! Haven’t had the time! My cousin and I are hanging out this weekend and I think she’s going to help me put it together. I’m telling her family on Saturday (my aunt and uncle and my other two cousins) and that’s a big step because my aunt is going to become obsessed with it and maaayyyy say a stupid thing or two. But, I’m hoping she won’t.

So my goals for this weekend/next week are to get the announcement put together and get it out there. I’ll probably announce on Facebook/Instagram/etc the week after that. Maybe sooner, depending how I feel. The bottom line is, it’s time to get this little bug’s existence known. I’m probably going to have the biggest panic attack after hitting send on this email to the rest of my family, but…I’m almost halfway through my 5th month. It’s time. And I can check in on LB whenever I want, and soon enough I’ll be feeling kicks that’ll make me feel even better about things.

Also, apparently, October is “Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness Month” (I’ve seen a lot on October 15th specifically, so, I’ll be lighting a candle for my lost babies on that day particularly). I think it’s fitting that LB will become known to the general public this month, and that I’ll be coming out about the last two years.

Oh gosh, there’s so much I need to say in this post and I’m afraid I’ll forget.

Okay, first, since I just mentioned it: my announcement. I know some people who’ve announced/come out at the same time and didn’t want to spend too much time discussing their losses at the same time because this time is their rainbow baby’s time. While I really want it to be all about LB and celebrating that life that’ll be arriving in less than five months (WHAT?!), I also feel like…like this. LB is going to be celebrated every day for the rest of her life. By me, by J, by our families, by friends. Meanwhile, my two lost babies haven’t had any acknowledgement from anyone but the two of us and a smattering of people. And even then, those people don’t talk about my losses anymore, because it’s easier to talk about LB, and because “now I have LB, now this pregnancy is going well.” I mean, shit, BB had a heartbeat and was moving around inside me and had arms and legs and a cute little head. My little bean-shaped baby. And no recognition whatsoever. It makes me sad.

So, yes, I think my announcement will be about 50/50. I think I want to spend time reflecting and letting friends and family know that, yes, there were two before. They are just as important to me as LB. I will always treasure them. And their short lives should be known, and celebrated. Just like LB. Just because they were taken from me before they could see this world doesn’t mean they matter less than LB does.

So yeah. That’s what my announcement will be like. A celebration and an acknowledgement of all my babies.

The other thing I definitely wanted to talk about was, and I wasn’t even going to say anything on here, but I will, I think I might’ve felt movement. Not kicks, but like…a flutter. On my lower right side as I was falling asleep, last week. Not sure I’ve felt anything since. And I can’t even know if it was movement. But I think I felt something. Just a little hello from my sweet bug.

Let’s see…what else. I have such little time to update! Ugh! Stupid busy days at work.

I dunno. Announcement-making (and maybe sending) this weekend. Also more maternity clothes shopping (need comfy work-appropriate pants!) and maybe baby stuff shopping with my cousin? And maybe getting my nails done. And a shitload of homework, but that’s for the public post.

Okay. I think I’m done. I’ll try to come back soon. New blog still not launch-ready. Life is happening, people. Life is happening and I can’t keep up.

(By the way, many of you, on here and on Twitter, are either dealing with uneasy betas or grueling 2ww’s or difficult pregnancies. I’ve been reading and keeping up with all your stories. I’m sorry if I haven’t commented as much…but know I think of you all, daily. ❤ )

(And for those of you pregnant and moving right along (I’m talking to YOU, wtfovaries!), holy shit. Where has the time gone for YOU?! Craziness, I say. Craziness. 🙂 )

Just a Quick Update On My Lunch Break

Today started off pretty crappy. J’s cat is either bleeding in her pee or poop…I called the vet first thing when they opened and he brought her in for a 9:40 appointment after dropping me off at work. As far as I know, she’s overweight (by 2lbs), her bladder was small on x-rays (god, I can’t even think about how they probably had to strap her down, I’ll cry again) so they need to give her fluids to see it better, and they can’t tell if the bleeding is rectal or urinary. She needs to stay for observation. They’re going to clean her up (the blood/wetness down there) and trim back her fur, which has become more matted in the last week or two. I thought it was just her fur acting up as it sometimes does, because she has long-ish hair, but now I’m wondering if she’s been sick and not cleaning herself.

I wish I could’ve gone to the vet with my husband.  He loves that cat. He got her after returning from Iraq and when in transition with his shitty ex-girlfriend, so they’re so attached to each other. Don’t know what we’ll do if something serious is wrong. 😦

Work is crazy. School is crazy.

Our mortgage was approved. As long as we get the rest of the documents needed before closing on October 17th, we’ll be homeowners. Hoooooly crap.

And that’s about it. I don’t have time for much else. Doing my best to keep up with all of you! Love you all.

The Most Disjointed and Babbling Post I’ve Written Ever

Where I am: 15w1d
Medications: just the basics
Symptoms: round ligament pain, tired, not sleeping well, sore boobs, mild occasional nausea, slow digestion/constipation, congested, serious hip/lower back pain (especially first thing in the morning)

I started writing a post a while back (when I was halfway through 13w), and then got too busy to continue. I’m cutting out the irrelevant shit and just posting the stuff that’s update-ish…

“I saw my OB the other day. She was super nice. She asked how the pregnancy has been going, what symptoms I’ve been having, and so on. I asked all the questions I could think of at the moment. We discussed my weight…when I first started coming in for appointments, I was guesstimating my weight as I was on crutches and in the brace and they didn’t make me hop on the scale. I gave them what I weighed at the end of June, beginning of July. But of course, that was before my third fertility treatment cycle. Before the accident and being stuck on my ass for two months. Given that I was still guesstimating at the beginning of August, and now I can actually step on the scale, it looks like I’ve gained 7lbs in a month.

Which, I guess on its own doesn’t look bad. But gaining 7lbs a month would be disastrous. And considering I’m already overweight, I’m supposed to gain less weight than a normal weight woman would. Oi.

But the OB was understanding. I have extenuating circumstances and there’s no way to know how much I really weighed back in July/August. Honestly, I could’ve been 3-4lbs heavier than I thought and I’ve actually only gained a few pounds since becoming pregnant. Either way, my weight is being documented now, so we will keep an eye on it. Especially now that the nausea is settling down, what with no more Crinone and being in the second trimester, I may be prone to eating more than I have. Need to watch it!

We listened to the heartbeat again, which was just amazing. She tried the center and then left side of my uterus first, and apparently LB was hanging out on my right side. I can’t tell you how hard my heart was pounding when it took so long for her to hear it. But the best part is now that LB is bigger, the heartbeat comes through much louder and clearer. It’s wonderful. And it was just the reassurance I needed to feel confident that yes, I have made it to the second trimester intact and yes, LB is a little warrior.

I found out that this OB won’t be my delivering doctor unless I have a C-section. That was kind of a bummer. I guess I don’t understand 100% how this whole thing works yet. They said it’s possible I could meet the team from which my doctor would be chosen. I have the choice to either do a midwife or an obstetrician. When I asked about the CNM I’ve been working with since my last pregnancy, the nurse told me I could come to her closer to my due date and she could see if my CNM’s schedule would line up with the due date. I need to research the differences between a CNM and an OB when it comes to delivery, and of course it will all come down to whether the baby is engaged on time and if I have complications or not. But if I could have the midwife I’ve been seeing deliver my baby, I would be ecstatic. In fact, I’ve already latched onto the idea pretty fiercely…I foresee a meltdown if I find out she’s not available. Whoops. She’s just so calming and I feel so comfortable with her.

So much to think about. Yikes.”

So, that’s what I wrote a few weeks ago…

I am still waiting for my Doppler. Stupid mailman. Stupid delay. It better not have been stolen off my stoop or something stupid. I mean, who the fuck wants a Doppler? So I’ve had increasing anxiety every day for the last two weeks. If it doesn’t arrive Friday, I’ll be going to see the CNM next week to put my mind at ease.

I’ve been super busy. School, work, house stuff, pregnancy stuff. It’s been a challenge. I haven’t much felt up to writing.

And on the flip side, I’m struggling with this blog. When I come on here, onto my blog I mean, I’m reminded of my past. I’m reminded of the reason why I started this blog in the first place. Loss. Miscarriage. Loneliness. Fear. Depression. That’s what I associate this blog with. Treatments. Waiting. Let-downs. And the treacherous first trimester of this pregnancy, spending every day walking on thin ice, feeling like it could all be over in the span of one heartbeat.

And I will never forget my losses. I will never forget the pain of that first pregnancy, the one that never got past an empty sac. My first experience of a type of loss I can’t compare to any other type of loss in my life. And I will never forget Baby Bean. Seeing the heartbeat. Seeing that scan at nearly 9w, little flickers of movement. That Christmas Eve morning when my world came crashing down a second time, harder and faster than before. What July 6th will always mean to me. I think for many, many years to come, possibly my whole life, I will remember that date. Probably silently. And I think it will hurt a little less every year. It’ll never stop hurting. But maybe it’ll hurt less. It already does.

But I need to separate most of myself from that part of my life. I need a fresh start. I need to start connecting to Lucky Bug, and directing my positive energy towards him or her. I need to start getting ready to be a family. I need to distance myself, to an extent, from my past with RPL and IF.

I’ve been sporadic when it comes to reading blogs. Well, I guess I’ve been reading them all. I don’t comment as much. It’s hard for me to read some of them. It’s hard to look toward the future and bond with my baby when I keep traveling down that dangerous post-traumatic road every time I read some of these blogs. I think Creating Our Combo said it best the other day:

I’ve started to wonder in the last week or two if staying connected to the infertility/loss blog world is helping or hindering my connection to Combo and this developing pregnancy. I think, reluctantly, it’s time to take a step back. Following the stories of other strong women has been powerfully grounding as I flailed during my losses and tried to find my footing to move forward. Now, though, I know too much. I’ve read about early losses that are startlingly similar to my own, but also later losses that leave me fearful that the same fate might be awaiting me. It’s time, I think, to focus on my own singular experience and build connection with EJ and with Combo.

I feel similarly. I struggle to put into words how I feel for fear of sounding selfish, bitchy, or cold-hearted. She said it perfectly, and I’ll just leave it at that.

Yesterday, I created a new blog. I have the web address, I have designed the page, I have a title. What are my intentions? Well, it’s going to be the blog that I talk about on my About page. This past winter, I planned on blogging about becoming a mom and returning to school and pursuing first-time home-buying. When my second miscarriage crushed that dream, I still went forward with the blog but found myself struggling to write when I couldn’t be honest. I’d shared the blog on my Facebook page and Twitter account, friends and family could check it if they chose to, and I was not “out” yet (still not out, and not even out with this pregnancy, but that’s a post for another time). That’s how this anonymous blog came about. I could be honest here. I could find people who understood. This blog has served it’s purpose. While I do sometimes feel guilty for having dug myself out of the rut quite quickly (I know so, so many of you have been in this battle for years, and I hope you know I love you all and I’m pulling for you), that’s what happened. It got me through the worst part. It pulled me out of a darkness I never thought I’d shake off. And I’ve made wonderful friends, both here and on Twitter.

But that part is over (we hope). I want this new blog to be the all-encompassing blog. It’s not going to be a parenting blog, though I’m sure that will be a huge part of it. I’m also going to finish my Master’s degree. I’ve started a career in my field. I’m also buying a home. I’m becoming a mom to a living child for the first time. All of these firsts. My marriage will change, my life will change. Everything is in transition. I want to blog about that. I also have family living in other parts of Massachusetts that I don’t see regularly. I have out-of-state family across the country that I see even less frequently. This blog will serve as a place they can go to keep up with me and my husband, our baby, our lives.

So, this blog will also be public. It’ll have my name there. It’ll have my face there. My husband’s face. Our baby’s face. Photos of family, of friends. When I announce this pregnancy (you know, as I’m going into labor, at this rate) I will be coming out with my losses and the struggle my husband and I have had the last two years. I won’t have reason to hide. The blog will be about everything.

I’m majoring in Publishing and Writing. Writing is what I do. It’s how I survive. In some form or another, I’ve been constantly writing since I can remember. Creating stories. Sharing words. It’s what I love. I’ve been to hell and back in the last two years and finally, I’m ready to be honest with myself, in my writing, to my loved ones and to anyone else who bothers to care.

And that’s another component to the new blog. No more hiding pregnancy/parenting posts. I’ll let it all hang out. No more hiding, at all. Not that any of you made me hide, let’s get that straight. I did it myself, to protect whoever needed protecting. Because I care about you all.

I hope each and every one of you know what you’ve done for me this year. The strength you gave me, the hope, the friendship. I think I’ve made friends from my anonymous accounts that I’ll keep in touch with for life. That is so meaningful. I am beyond grateful.

I know many of you won’t want to follow my new blog, and I understand. But know I will be inviting you all to follow, should you chose to. I’ll be happy to share my life, who I am, with all of you. 🙂

I will institute some sort of password-protection for the occasional rant that is IF or RPL-related. I’m sure it’ll happen. And while I want to be honest, I do want to give myself a little bit of leeway with venting in a way that only fellow community members will understand. Not sure how I’ll do that because I don’t much feel like publicizing that I wrote a private post and have family or friends wanting to know why they can’t see it. That’ll be tough. I’ll figure it out.

Okay. This entry is a jumble of nonsense. But I know if I go back and read it, I might get frustrated or embarrassed or worried that I might insult someone and may never post this. Plus I’m at work and I really wanted to get this off my chest so I am doing it as fast as I can. I am going to post this entry in its entirety in a protected post with the pregnancy-related crap from two weeks ago that I meant to post back then, and then copy and paste the rest and put it in a public entry so everyone can know where I’m headed in this blogging world.

Phew. Okay. I’m going to leave now. Know that the blog is not up and running quite yet. This will not be my last entry on Dreaming of Rainbows. But the end is coming. I’ll be sure to provide blog information in my last entry on here, and then as well as now I will provide my email for you all to keep in touch. Whether you decide not to blog anymore, but want to stay in touch…whether you don’t want to follow my blog at the moment, but forsee a time in the future when you might want to…whether you just want a friend to reach out to. I don’t want to cut ties with anyone. I will most likely follow your blogs when the new one is up and running, though be forewarned my activity may be sporadic for a while as I work on getting myself in a better place and ready for everything that’s coming.

Okay, my email is dreamsandrainbows820 AT gmail DOT com.

Okay. Bye. ❤

Oh, Hi…

I’m going to break this all down for you as best I can. Who knows how many sittings this will take me to type up, because I’m exhausted and there’s so much going on!

All About the House

Okay…I really want to sit down and tell you guys everything blow-by-blow, but I feel like I’m never going to have the time. So here’s how it went down, in a nutshell:

  • we offered what we thought was our max offering price—found out the next day it was rejected
  • husband owner wanted us to come up only $5k shy of their asking price
  • I spend hours on the phone with my realtor and USAA and got our pre-qualification brought up to cover the extra (if we spent ALL our savings on the down payment)
  • however, upon calling J, he reminded me that we still have a car and have “other” things going on that will require money—I email the realtor that we are walking away
  • our realtor calls the owners to explain that we can’t go that high and that we’re walking away, husband owner keeps her on the phone for a while, debating, debating…
  • realtor comes back to us saying he’ll come down another $6k, which means the ask is only $8k above what we originally offered
  • I call J, he says it sounds good, I call my parents, they say it sounds good (my dad points out we’ll be house poor, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just to be aware of it), I call the realtor back to move forward with the offer
  • we draft a new offer, sign and hand over an initial deposit, and on my birthday less than 48 hours later, we receive the signed accepted offer!
  • the owners replace the roof the next day, we schedule the inspection for the following week
  • we receive a packet from USAA with lots of documents in the mail that Saturday, and I spend the next 5-6 days scouring the apartment for documents, requesting them from institutions, signing and sending back the paperwork in the packet, and scanning documents onto the portal online
  • the inspection goes well, the lawyers draft and debate a Purchase and Sales Agreement, which we sign and hand over along with a second (much larger!) deposit a week and a half after receiving the initial signed offer
  • with the P&S signed, USAA is cleared to move forward with the appraisal (which was done yesterday)

That’s where we stand now. It’s been a whirlwind…I can’t believe it’s only been about two weeks since we were all able to come to an agreement. And we still have a little over a month to go until closing on October 17th! Sheesh!

The New Job

My first week has been insane! I stepped in right at the tail end of a cycle of documents. Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off and I’m just stepping in whenever I can to help. It’s been crazy. But I am so so glad to be in the publishing world, doing what I do best. It feels good.

The travel situation is something to be desired. I haven’t handed in my “I’m medically allowed to drive” paperwork to the DMV yet so my husband has been driving me. And even when I can drive myself, I still have to wake up at 5:50 in order to be at work from 7:00-3:00 to work my full salaried hours and have the car home in time for J to make it to work in Boston by 4:00. Blech.

A New School Year?!

I start school on Monday! Shit!

I am nervous. I haven’t been sleeping well, and with everything going on, I’m trying to imagine how crazy things will get once I add hours and hours of schoolwork to the mix. Some moments I feel like I may be in a little over my head…but I think I can do it. I can. I’m the queen of multitasking. Heh.

More Healing and Progress

I saw my orthopedist this week and got the best news: no more appointments, no more crutches, no more x-rays, no physical therapy needed! I had one last x-ray at my appointment and the base of the fracture is nearly indiscernible, with the part leading out to the edge of the bone still evident but much more faint than the last x-ray. All evidence of good healing. I’ll continue to do as much walking as I can, take it easy on stairs for the next month, continue taking my Vitamin D/Calcium supplements, and over all be gentle with it for the next 4-6 months as the bones continue and finish healing. I am to send him an email or call him in the next month to let him know how I’m doing. Emails and phone calls are all that will be necessary from here on out barring any complications that I report!


It only took all summer, right? 😛

And Everything Else…

I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blogs as of late. Honestly, I go days without reading now (which, to be honest, is crazy—I used to read every day, and even get upset when there were no new posts to occupy me in my boredom! HAH!) and I catch up every couple of days. I try to comment when I can. Know that I’m still following all of your stories.

So many of you have had BFPs recently and I am thinking good positive sticky thoughts for all of you! Still others have suffered miscarriages in some form or another, and I’m thinking of you and hurting for you. Sending you all my love. For those in the 2ww, I’m pulling for you! For those of you starting new cycles, and there are quite a few…good luck! I love you all.

Big Update on the Bug

Where I am: 12w7d
Medications: just the basics!
Symptoms: still tired, still sore boobs, still a little bit of nausea, still slow digestion, still food/smell hypersensitivity and aversions, still congestion, still constipation, and *new* round ligament pain!

Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while! I assure you, Bug is fine. As far as I know (Friday’s OB MD appointment will reassure me of that).

Also, unless she’s lying to my face, brother’s girlfriend isn’t pregnant. PHEW!

So let me update you on a few things… Continue reading

I’m a Little Stressed

I’m too busy to write a real entry, seriously. I’m desperately trying to get together paperwork and scanning it into USAA so they can continue processing our loan application. I want to get as much done as early as possible, as the inspection is first thing tomorrow morning at 8:30. It’s about a 20min drive, so we’ll be up before 6:30, if not earlier. Oi!

So yes. I’m a bit stressed. And I have zero time for blogging.

I’ll be back later! Maybe later this week, maybe not.


My Stubborn Little Bug

Where I am: 11w5d
Medications: Crinone (single-digit countdown until the last day I take this)
Symptoms: still tired, still sore boobs, still nausea, still slow digestion, still food/smell hypersensitivity and aversions, still congestion, still constipation

Lucky Bug is doing just fine.

Moving around, punching and kicking like crazy! Quite the active baby. Measuring right on time, with a heartbeat in the 160s (either 163 or 168, I forget). I think the NT was good, as the level was only .9mm (and Dr. Google says anything under 1.5mm or something is good). I had my blood taken as well, so we won’t know the results for a while. Pretty sure I have more blood taken at 14w. I forget.

I really wish I could write more, but I am SWAMPED with mortgage stuff. There is not enough time in the world to be pregnant, switching jobs, about to start school, and buying a house. Really, truly, there is not.

But I wanted to update you. LB is good. Hubby and I both watched it on the screen for 20mins. It was beautiful, wonderful, absolutely amazing. I’ll check in after my CNM appointment on Friday, as that is the day both hubby and I get to listen to the heartbeat! I’ll be 12w2d by then! What?!