J + S = TTC

Our "Baby Bean," lost but never forgotten. <3

Our “Baby Bean.” Mommy and Daddy love you, little one. ❤

May 2006

~ J and I start dating


January 2008

~ diagnosed with hypothyroidism


October 2008

~ J and I move in together


December 2010

~ J and I are engaged


May 2012

~ J and I get married! ❤


November 2012

~ after some discussion, J and I agree to start trying for a baby when my birth control runs out


 January 2013

~ I quit birth control January 15th
~ we officially—passively—start trying


 Mid-April 2013

~ AF late by one week, 1st BFP
~ two days later, J leaves for a monthlong military training in CA


Early May 2013

~ go to ER with spotting, ultrasound shows gestational sac but no fetal pole
~ hCG taken at ER, advised to follow up with doctor
~ repeat labs show hCG levels not rising appropriately
~ repeat ultrasounds show sac is not growing past 4w measurements


Late May 2013

~ confirmed 1st missed miscarriage, blighted ovum
~ dilation & evacuation (D&E) removes pregnancy tissue
~ J arrives home on our wedding anniversary


June-September 2013

~ first AF after D&E takes 7 weeks to arrive
~ planned natural cycle in August, late AF, 1st BFN
~ planned natural cycle in September, late AF, 2nd BFN
~ TSH levels are too high, levothyroxine dosage is increased
~ advised by OB to “put TTC in back of mind,” focus on weight loss
~ join Weight Watchers in the middle of September


Late October 2013

~ follow OB’s advice, stop “worrying” about TTC
~ lose 10lbs on Weight Watchers
~ late AF by 1 week, take HPT on Halloween, 2nd BFP


Early November 2013

~ spotting within days of BFP, J and I assume the worst
~ hCG levels are taken, rising appropriately
~ TSH levels come back too low for pregnancy, levothyroxine dosage is decreased
~ 1st ultrasound shows 6w embryo with strong heartbeat
~ the EDD for our “Baby Bean” is *July 6th, 2014*


Late November 2013

~ spotting during Thanksgiving week
~ 2nd ultrasound on Black Friday shows Baby Bean at 8w6d, moving, strong heartbeat
~ reassured by technicians and doctors that everything is fine


December 2013

~ 12w NT scan Christmas Eve morning reveals no heartbeat
~ Baby Bean died at roughly 9w (only days after last ultrasound)
~ diagnosed 2nd missed miscarriage
~ D&E two days after Christmas
~ tests on fetus reveal nothing wrong genetically, referred to reproductive endocrinologist (RE)


 January 2014

~ meet with RE, schedule testing/sonohysterogram for February
~ J has chromosome testing
~ I have chromosome/hormone/thyroid/blood testing
~ TSH levels come back normal but too high for pregnancy, levothyroxine dosage is slightly increased
~ total weight loss is almost 20lbs (on Weight Watchers)


February 2014

~ sonohysterogram reveals at least one polyp
~ operative hysteroscopy scheduled for March


March 2014

~ prescribed medication to suppress AF for surgery
~ RE does hysteroscopy (and basic D&C to clean out uterus)
~ RE finds and removes 3 polyps (one of which was over 1.5mm)
~ prescribed 30d estrogen (progesterone for last 5d), to get uterus “primed” for TTC again
~ chromosomal testing for me and J are both normal
~ all my blood tests except prolactin & thyroid normal, prolactin is repeated
~ TSH is too high for pregnancy, levothyroxine dosage is slightly increased once again
~ agree with RE to do Clomid/Ovidrel next cycle once estrogen therapy is over


April 2014

~ diagnosed with hyperprolactinemia, prescribed bromocriptine
~ prescribed 81mg aspirin for minor blood clotting disorder
~ 20lbs lost total (on Weight Watchers)
~ estrogen/progesterone therapy ends
~ pass baseline ultrasound on CD2, Clomid 100mg CD3-7
~ CD10 ultrasound shows 30mm(!) follicle in right ovary
~ Ovidrel CD10, timed intercourse CD10-12, Crinone started CD13


May 2014

~ 22lbs lost total (on Weight Watchers)
~ CD24 beta is negative, 3rd BFN
~ AF arrives on Mother’s Day (BOO)
~ pass baseline ultrasound on CD3, Clomid 100mg CD3-7
~ CD10 ultrasound LO: 13mm follicle; RO: 10mm, 11mm, (2) 13mm, 14mm, 17mm follicles
~ RE worries about multiples, too high risk, cancelled cycle
~ prolactin comes back at almost-safe-for-pregnancy range
~ TSH shows slight increase since February, levothyroxine dosage increased (again)


June 2014

~ cycle ends on CD29
~ RE decides to lower Clomid dose to prevent too many follicles
~ pass baseline ultrasound on CD3, Clomid 50mg CD3-7
~ CD10 ultrasound LO: 11mm, 13mm; RO: 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 20mm
~ Ovidrel CD10, timed intercourse CD10-12, Crinone started CD13
~ car accident on CD13…fractured tibial plateau, immobilized knee for minimum two months, put on Lovenox to prevent blood clots 😦
~ TSH shows rapid spike one week after accident, levothyroxine dosage increased to highest it’s ever been


July 2014

~ faint positive test on 11dpo, 3rd BFP!
~ 1st beta (12dpo) = 54!
~ 2nd beta (17dpo) = 881!!!
~ 3rd beta (20dpo) = 2,717!!!!!
~ 1st ultrasound (5w6d) shows 6w1d embryo, heartbeat 99bpm
~ the EDD for our “Lucky Bug” is *March 11th, 2015*


August 2014

~ 2nd ultrasound (7w7d) shows 8w2d embryo, heartbeat 174bpm
~ TSH comes back good(!) and levothyroxine dosage is unchanged!
~ OB CNM intake appointment (9w1d) in-office Doppler reads heartbeat at 180bpm
~ CNM makes urgent recommendation to endocrinology
~ 3rd ultrasound (10w1d) shows 10w1d/2d fetus, active, heartbeat 178bpm
(All further information on this pregnancy will now fall under the Lucky Bug page!)

7 thoughts on “J + S = TTC

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  3. I was just reading through story, and our timelines are so similar. We got married June 2012, starting TTC in January 2013, first MC in July 2013, 2nd MC in Dec 2013, and I’m also hypothyroid and had a hysteroscopy (but for uterine resection). Currently waiting for my cycles to get normal after the surgery and for my RE to give the approval for TTC again. I still can’t believe were approaching due date of baby #2 in July and we’re still not pregnant. What a journey 😦 So sorry for all you’ve been through, and fingers crossed we will both get our little wishes soon ❤

    • I remember reading your story. You and I had opposite miscarriages too, mine was a blighted ovum first then embryo w/heartbeat and yours is flipped. 😦

      I know…the due date is going to be so hard. 😦 My husband put in for his vacation in early December, so that he would be around during the due date. Once we found out the baby was gone, it was too late to change it. 😥 So we are going on vacation at the end of this month/beginning of next. I hope we can get through the date okay.

      Fingers crossed for you hun, keep writing and I’ll keep reading. ❤ ❤

      • I hope you can enjoy your vacation…maybe it’ll actually turn out to be the perfect way to spend that time and get through the date. Pamper yourself, have fun and spend some quality time with the hubs ❤

  4. Our first loss was pretty much identical to your second loss. It is so devastating when you see that heartbeat twice, because then you are totally unprepared when it isn’t there at the third ultrasound.

    I’m currently recovering from my third miscarriage, and while I have a healthy 18 month old, I’m just terrified that she was a miracle and we won’t be able to give her a sibling. We met with a RE for the first time the other day and right now we are just in the waiting game to be able to start testing/get chromosome testing results from the baby.

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