Lucky Bug Timeline

This page is dedicated to the progression of my third and current (and hopefully, first successful) pregnancy. From the beginning of the cycle during he was conceived and onward, everything will be documented here. There will be photos and possibly video, so I do not recommend scrolling any further if seeing ultrasound images could be triggering for you. Protect yourselves. ❤

Month 1

June 9thCD1 arrives as planned, and I call the office to schedule a baseline for my third medicated Clomid cycle in a row.

June 11thCD3 baseline ultrasound shows no cysts. Good to proceed with Clomid!

June 11th – 15th — CD3-7, I take Clomid 50mg daily!

June 18thCD10 follicle ultrasound shows that I have two follicles in my left ovary (11mm, 13mm) and four follicles in my right ovary (14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 20mm). My RE warns that I am high risk for multiples, but the cycle is a go! I trigger at 10:00PM that night with Ovidrel!

June 18th-20th — Good ol’ timed intercourse. 😉 On the 20th, I feel intense fullness and pain in both ovaries. I most likely ovulate that night or the following morning.

June 21st — The unfortunate happens. 😦 Between looking at houses, my husband and I are involved in a serious car accident. My husband’s crossover is totaled. He fractures a rib and, because I was driving, I suffer a fracture in my tibia, severe seatbelt contusions to the abdomen and thighs, and burns from the airbag. I fear that the accident could affect our chances at pregnancy.

June 27th — Blood tests show that my TSH has jumped erratically since the accident, most likely due to stress from the accident. My levothyroxine is increased, and it is at this point that I give up any and all hope that a pregnancy could survive with my body in such a state of distress.

July 1st — To my complete surprise, days of negative pregnancy tests every morning come to a stop when I get a faint positive at 11dpo while my husband and I are on vacation halfway down the East Coast. My recurrent loss and everything I went through in the last week causes my anxiety to peak.

July 2nd — My first beta is taken at 12dpo in Washington, DC. A mixup with faxing causes me to wait until the 7th to receive the results, but they are good. My hCG reads at 54! I’m clinically pregnant!

Month 2

July 7th — My second beta is taken at 17dpo in Virginia Beach. Expecting a minimum of 300, my husband and I are surprised to learn my hCG reads at 881! Thoughts of multiples cross our minds…

July 10th — My third and final beta is taken at 20dpo back home. Once again, the pregnancy surprises us. My hCG is 2,717! Way more than we were asking for! I think for sure it must be twins. Our first ultrasound is scheduled for a week later.

July 17th — At 5w6d, we go in for our first ultrasound hoping for at least one yolk sac and fetal pole. Amazingly, there is not only both those things, but a freshly beating heart! The rate comes in at 99bpm and the measurements put newly nicknamed “Lucky Bug” ahead at 6w1d. My husband and I are relieved and surprised. Our next ultrasound is scheduled two weeks later. Estimated due date is March 14th, 2015.

6w1d 1 copy

Yolk sac and the little worm that is Lucky Bug. The brightest spot on the worm-looking part is the heart beating!

Month 3

July 31st — I have my blood drawn a day before the ultrasound to see how my thyroid is doing. Finally, it seems to be cooperating, and is at its safest level since my husband and I started TTC. 🙂

August 1st — At 7w7d, we go in for our second ultrasound. Our Lucky Bug is measuring ahead still at 8w2d! The heartbeat has strengthened, with a rate of 174bpm. My husband and I are overwhelmed and relieved all over again. With each day and week that passes, things look better and better…

Lucky Bug looks less like a worm and more like an alien! The dark shadow at the top is where his or her brain is forming!

Lucky Bug looks less like a worm and more like an alien! The dark shadow at the top is where his or her brain is forming!

August 2nd — As a sergeant in the Army National Guard, my husband has to fulfill his annual duty of two weeks of training. He leaves before the sun rises, not to come back until the 15th.

August 7th — My mother takes me to my intake appointment with the OB Certified Nurse Midwife, who uses the Doppler to find the heartbeat! The rate is 180bpm and is the sweetest sound I think I’ve heard in my life. She advances my pregnancy officially from 8w6d to 9w1d and the due date changes to March 11th, 2015. ❤

August 14th — My father takes me to my third ultrasound, and my last appointment with my RE. Lucky Bug is measuring right on target at 10w1d, and is even moving around on the screen pumping his or her little legs and arms! The heartbeat continues to be strong with a rate of 178bpm. This day officially documents the farthest along I’ve ever been in a pregnancy. 😀 ❤

Looking more baby-like with arms and legs! So in love... <3

Looking more baby-like with arms and legs! So in love… ❤

August 25th — NT scan shows a very healthy, fidgety, punching and kicking 11w5d fetus! Heartbeat is in the 160s (163 or 168, I forget). My husband finally gets to see the little one for the first time since 8w! The scan reveals an NT of .9mm with a CRL of 53.9, which Dr. Google says is most likely indicative of a non-Down Syndrome baby.

Arms and legs, a cute little head...Lucky Bug looks more and more like a baby every week! :)

Arms and legs, a cute little head…Lucky Bug looks more and more like a baby every week! 🙂

Month 4

August 29th — My husband and I are able to both hear the heartbeat for the first time at the visit with my CNM, coming in at a perfect 160bpm at 12w2d. 🙂

September 5th — My husband and I meet with an OB doctor for the first time, which is an experience I’ve never been pregnant long enough to have before! We discuss past symptoms, future symptoms, concerns, and questions. At the end, the Doppler reads the heartbeat at a rate of roughly 150bpm at 13w2d! 😀 Also, she reassures us that the Down Syndrome testing looks like good news, and our chances of Trisomy 18 or 21 are exponentially lower than they were to start with given my age, which is a great and reassuring sign!

September 18th — After nearly two weeks of ever-increasing anxiety, an at-home Doppler from a dear, darling friend I made on Twitter arrives on my doorstep. I am able to pick up my baby’s heartbeat between 130-145bpm! ❤

Month 5

October 12th — I feel my first movement at 18w4d! With my hand on my belly, low to the left, just resting, LB kicks me! I don’t feel it with my hand, but I feel it inside! I’m over the moon ecstatic!! 😀

October 20th — J and I find out that our sweet rainbow baby is a BOY at 19w5d! 😀 He is measuring on time and has no visible abnormalities. We are SO happy! ❤

photo 2

I love him already…

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