I’m Too Busy for Life (and Blogging)

Good news!

J and I are homeowners. 🙂

It was a battle to the end, but we made it. We’ve owned the house a full nine days now, and what a whirlwind of nine days. It’s been GO GO GO since we passed papers and were handed the keys. This weekend, actually, we painted the living room/upstairs hallway/entryway area (a lot of work). Well, when I say “we,” I mean J and my brother’s girlfriend and my dad. But it’s done! Gone is the old people-ish yellow, and here is the soft gray-blue that J and I chose Friday night. Whoop!

And…well, other than that, I don’t have much time for telling y’all about anything else. Truth is, I just got home half an hour ago and I am hungry and I have homework that needs doing because it’s due tomorrow or Tuesday night. In fact, I have a paper due a week from Tuesday that I haven’t even read the book for. And next weekend, the dining room/kitchen will be painted and we will do the first “big” move of some furniture. Yikes.

Sorry. Life is way too busy for me to blog. Life is actually too busy for me to, well, do anything. Constantly moving. I just keep telling myself, it’ll calm down when December gets here…

3 thoughts on “I’m Too Busy for Life (and Blogging)

  1. Congrats!!! Thats awesome news!! Glad to know you’re deal went through! I’m in limbo with the house things… had to fire our loan officer and start over because he gave us bad advice and the lender declined our loan half way through escrow because of him… So pissed! So we’re back to square one.. luckily the sellers will give us an extension though but I feel like something crappy will happen to fuck with that… xoxoxo

  2. congrats on the new home! We are re-doing 3 rooms while making room for baby. (my office, guest room and baby room). My house is a total wreck. I can’t imagine trying to move and unpack a whole house!

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