Back to Square One…Again

I really was going to write more today, but I’m too upset to do so.

We put an offer on a house this weekend that we love. More than the other house.

It was $20k above our maximum offer price. We offered. It’s too low. They won’t budge. We can’t budge.

So we’re shit outta luck, once again. Back to the drawing board.

I’ll write more about this later, but I’m getting so tired of this. We’ve seen at least 20, if not 30 houses. I knew buying a house wasn’t easy, but I didn’t realize it would be this hard. I thought just finding the perfect one was the hard part. I didn’t realize actually getting them to sell it to you for your asking price or being chosen over someone else was also difficult.

The stress is getting to me. My husband is gone again for three days. Less than two weeks until I start my new job, less than three weeks before I go back to school. I’m freaking out. But I feel like I say this shit at least once a week. I’m on repeat, over and over.

So I’ll shut up now. I’ll update another day, when I’m not feeling so bitchy and whoremonal. Cripes.


17 thoughts on “Back to Square One…Again

  1. I am so sorry to hear that your house hunt is going so poorly. Wishing you the energy it requires to find your perfect house! I can assure you, once you find it and its yours, all the house hunting stuff will be worth it. 🙂

  2. Ugh! House hunting can be the pits. We haven’t even started yet because we were waiting for my indian registration papers to go through to get an indian home loan. 2.5 years later we are still waiting. I’m here for you if you need a person to vent to.

  3. When my mom was buying her house years ago, the market was insane. There was so much competition among buyers. In the end, she got her house because she wrote the owner a nice note and left it with a little daisy plant. It was between her and another offer, and her offer wasn’t even quite as good as theirs. Kill them with kindness. Remind them that you’re people. Tell them how much you’d love for your baby to grow up in that house. Be manipulative–it works!

    • 😀 😀 😀 I haven’t told our realtor we’re expecting! Yikes! I didn’t know whether to play the baby card or not…ugh, kind of wish I had now. We did meet the owners and I thought they really liked us, so I was hoping they would forgive that extra $20k they were looking for. Guess not. 😦 Good advice though…thank you. 🙂

  4. Oi! I’m sorry about the latest house. Hope you find the right place soon and get your offer accepted so you can scratch this off your list of worries. You don’t need the stress that’s for sure!

  5. It wouldn’t let me comment on the protected post 😦 but I wanted to say I know how it feels to feel so much for someone you’ve never met. I truly adore her also and so many of you wonderful women. Just starting my new journey into this “RPL”/”RSA” category I will be looking to ladies like you for strength.

    • Isn’t she wonderful? I’m so thankful I met her on here.

      And I know…I’ve been following your story on WP, if not commenting as much. I’m so sorry you’re having that string of CPs. That’s just shitty. I hope you get some answers soon, or a sticky baby…or both, preferably!

      (And I HATE that docs sometimes use the term “repeated spontaneous abortion.” If it makes you feel any better, that’s the medical term for it. When they list my missed miscarriages in my chart, it’s called an “incomplete abortion.” It was on all the official papers I signed…but the papers they had me take home all said “miscarriage.” I just hate the A word. I always associate that with an *intent* to be no longer pregnant, and I never *intended* to NOT be pregnant both of those times. I was trying very hard to *still* be pregnant. You know what I mean? Ugh. Anyway. Don’t call it RSA. That’s the cold doctors’ world’s name for it. It’s RPL. Still sucks all the same, but at least the term doesn’t make you feel like you’ve done something wrong. ❤ )

      • Yep. It sucks hardcore. 😦

        I remember seeing your post and seeing your doc refer to it as RSA and it made me so sad. I just hate that term. It’s not appropriate to use for the patient! It’s not like it was our choice, right?! Jeez.

        I’m sorry you’re going through it anyway. 😦 But know you’ve got a good support system here on WP. ❤

  6. I’m hoping the house hunt gets better for you! We looked for 2 years until we found our house. Had several offers rejected. It sucks, but in the end we love the house we have!

    • Aww thanks, that makes me feel better. Although I hope it doesn’t take two years!!! We only have our lease until Dec 31st! Oops! Haha. But thank you, everyone’s been saying they had rejected offers that were heartbreaking too but they love where they are, I just hope that is the case with us. 🙂 ❤

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