Getting Back to Normal?

So I know my last post was very abrupt and very pissy. Since then, I’ve had some discussions with J and have had time to try and compartmentalize every insane thing going in our lives, and I’m trying to tackle them item by item. So first, the good news.

After being gone for a total of 14 days, my husband returns home tonight.

😀 ❤

Granted, it’s only for two days. Then he’ll be heading back to the Cape to make up the rest of the days he owes because the end of the fiscal year is September 30th (and going away in September could be problamatic, with school and a new job starting for me and still only one car). So he’ll be gone again early Monday morning. But, he’ll be back Wednesday evening…just in time to celebrate my birthday before it’s over!

Having him home, even if only for two full days and what’s left of today, will be so worth it. Even though I eventually get used to being alone when he’s away, and I eventually adjusted to caring for myself, which eventually got better as soon as I was allowed partial weight-bearing…I still miss him. It’s still super hard to be alone, considering all the circumstances. I need snuggles, and hugs, and kisses, and reassurance, and maybe a little damn help with the laundry.

Today is Friday, which means I officially have ten business days left working in my current position as lowly intern. YES! Even though I know September is going to be the bearer of a lot of stress and anxiety for me, I simply can’t wait to start my new job. I can’t wait to get my own office with a window. I can’t wait to give a shit about the work I do again! Because this? This work I do now? I’m tired of it. It got me some office experience, and it got me a very decent paycheck for the last six months (which though I may not have appreciated as much at first, hindsight has me appreciating it A LOT, given everything that’s happened since June), and it got me experience working with great people…but I’m done. I’m over it. Please let me start working in the field I’m getting a $100k education for, please and thank you. Much appreciated. Those loans ain’t gonna pay themselves, know what I mean?

As far as the car situation goes…I will be contacting USAA and asking if we can use the insurance of the guy that hit us to pay for a rental car for a while. We aren’t exactly in the best position to open a new car loan (yeah uh, hi, trying to buy a house, need to get a mortgage and shit…), we really might need a car next month. Like…bad. I will be working Monday-Friday during regular business hours, J will be working Sunday-Thursday during second shift (4:00-midnight), and I will have school in Boston two nights out of the week. There’s a bus that goes from my work to the nearest train station, which means I have a way to school. But there’s no transportation from the station to my apartment. That’s where things get dicey. Also, if J were going to drive me to and from work, I’d have to possibly go into work as early as 6:30 in order to leave by 3:00 so J can get on the highway and off to work in time.

Yep. So…that’s…we’re working on that. Kind of. Sorta.

I emailed our realtor this morning (wicked late notice, so I’m not expecting anything) to see some houses this weekend. I hope she is able to set a few things up. As much as I’d rather curl up on the couch or in bed with J and do nothing but catch up on our DVR’d shows all weekend, we really do need to find a house. No rest for the wicked and all that kind of stuff.

So that’s that! I won’t be around this weekend, because…husband, home, first time in two weeks. You can fill in the blanks. But I’ll be back next week. Try not to miss me too much.


One thought on “Getting Back to Normal?

  1. Happy your hubby is home, even for just a couple days. Good luck with the house hunting! Hopefully you can have few moments of rest and relaxation in there 😉

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