I Really Dislike You, Accident

Fun story: J has been walking around with a fracture in his 10th rib for three weeks.


He finally went and saw the doctor earlier this week, both of us suspecting a fracture, and the doctor confirmed it with chest x-rays.

In other news, the pain in my calf gets worse every day. It sucks! I think it’s because I keep moving around my leg (which, honestly, I’m supposed to, to get the muscles loose again). But the pain makes me not want to move it around anymore. But I know that’s the wrong way to feel about it because if I stop stretching those muscles, they will tighten again. And all of this pain would’ve been for nothing.

I couldn’t sleep last night, it was so bad. J got home after midnight and spent half an hour just massaging my leg for me so I could finally get some rest.

He’s amazing. Even with his own injury, he takes such good care of me.

That is all. Just a quick update. Hopefully seeing some houses this weekend. Constantly going, going, going, we are. No break in sight!

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