First Beta, and Second Beta Forthcoming…

Where I am: 17dpo
Medications: Crinone
Symptoms: same as before…also moody

zazzle-dot-com1So I am clinically pregnant. My first beta at 12dpo was 54—which, according to some Twitter friends, is apparently good.

I go in for a second this afternoon, results probably by morning. My RE’s office called ahead to make sure Quest has their fax number and knows to STAT it and get the results to them ASAP.

I’m not going to write much more except I am terrified. This just became real. I’ve been living in limbo for days now, feeling like I could come back from this side easily. But not anymore.

Not only was the beta good, but I peed (for the last time, since there is no longer a need) on sticks this morning. Dark positive on Wondfo. Visible positive on FRER. And a “Pregnant 2-3” on a CBD Weeks Estimator.

All signs point to this pregnancy being totally, 100% real.

Which means it could totally, 100% really come crashing down.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next beta, which obviously will be—should be—way more than doubled since the last was 12dpo and this one is 17dpo.


46 thoughts on “First Beta, and Second Beta Forthcoming…

  1. Congrats!! I totally get being scared t this point….but 54 at 12dpo is a pretty wonderful number. This next beta will tell you more. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Yay! I’m so happy for you! I know you’re terrified hon, and don’t blame you at all! At 14W2D today, I’m still terrified too, but for today this is fantastic news and I’m so so happy for you! Saying so many prayers for a really high second beta. Hugs hon. Sending you lots of strength.

    • You know I love your comments. They make me feel so positive and calm. Thank you. ❤

      Still can't believe you're over 14w…that's insane. So happy things are going well for you. Always thinking of you and hoping your doctors are taking good care of you to make sure this little boy of yours gets here safely. 🙂

      • Thanks hon and likewise! Thank you for all your support too! My next appt is on Tuesday and can’t come soon enough.

  3. Wahoo!!!! That’s awesome news!!! 54 was my first beta number too I believe 👏👏👏 fingers crossed for more good news. I remember being a shaky mess showing up for both of my betas; so I completely get it 🙂 sending prayers your way!

  4. Hey hon. Just checking in on you. I hope the results of your second beta came in and that all is good. Saying so many prayers for you and little Junebug ❤

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