Long Island, Father’s Day, Whoremones, and Monitoring Week

Where I am: CD8
Medications: none (finished Clomid last night)
Symptoms: whoremones, twinges/pulling in left ovary and maybe right?

First, the obvious: Clomid is over and done. Only two sleeps until my first (hopefully only?) monitoring appointment to see how my follies are coming along. Fingers and toes crossed black and blue that there’s a perfect amount for me to try this cycle.

Long Island was fun! On Saturday, we got up early-ish and drove nearly three hours to Connecticut, where we accidentally hopped the 12:30PM ferry instead of the 1:30PM ferry (wasn’t even a problem with them) straight to New York. We drove immediately to a Stop & Shop because I had to pee, then found a Simon Mall nearby with a TGI Friday’s to eat a late lunch (after trying to go to a local brewery and pub, but my iPhone took us to a dead-end street in a residential area) where I got very sleepy! Hopped back in the car, got a second wind, drove the hour to the hotel. Plopped down on the bed, hubby turned on the TV and relaxed while snuggling his once again very sleepy, napping on-and-off wife. Got off our asses long enough to go to a packy down the street, fill up two six-packs with mix-and-match local beers, got dinner at Friendly’s (and by “dinner” I mean he got mozzarella sticks and I got a 5-scoop Reese’s Pieces sundae), then returned to the hotel to sample some of the beers and watch a handful of episodes of Orange is the New Black S1 on my iPad. (Which hubby is finally seeming to get into!!)

Sunday morning, we had a lovely (sarcasm) continental breakfast, managed to get showered and ready within an hour and out the door by noon. Stopped by the packy to get a mini-growler of the crème brûlée stout (my first ever stout, and I obviously loved it), and then began the hour-long trek to Belmont Racetrack for the Swarovski signing event. The event itself was pretty cool. Got our pieces signed, met two of the designers and got to chat with them for a bit, got some nice BBQ lunch food and mixed drinks (at $12 a pop, what the bloody hell?!). After eating, drinking, and relaxing inside the tent, we left the event and went to the racetrack to watch the last two races before the end of the day. (Which was pretty cool, seeing as how it was my first ever horse race experience…people get really into betting on these things, by the way!) After that was a loooong 4-5 hour drive home. It took forever. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

So, as you can see—’twas a whirlwind of a weekend. Which of course means today is/was a bitch of a Monday.

My hormones (or as a twitter-friend of mine aptly dubbed them, whoremones) have been on a rampage! I think a lack of sleep (crappy hotel bed that killed my back) plus travel anxiety (I get anxiety about stupid shit, travel is one of them), plus the humidity just made the Clomid-induced hysteria all the more terrible. One minute I was flipping out on my husband about something, next minute I was laughing, next two minutes I was feeling so frustrated about something I wanted to cry, next minute I just wanted my hubby to hug or snuggle me…I mean jeez, it was a nightmare.

Thankfully, my husband is amazing and handled it all very well. Sure, he looked at me like I was a crazy person multiple times a day, but he maintained his cool and tried to calm me down when he could, which helped to keep our vacation (and marriage) intact. ❤

I’ve also been feeling like I’ve had more symptoms this time around—which makes zero sense to me, because it’s half the dose I’m used to…but whatever. A few twitter pals have said the same happened to them, so…I guess it’s a thing.

I gave my husband a Father’s Day card shortly after midnight Saturday night. (I couldn’t wait until morning. I can never wait for anything. I’m horrible with birthdays, and photo 1 photo 2Christmases, and all that crap.) I asked him to get something for me in one of the pockets of my suitcase, and he took it out and saw “For My Amazing Husband” written on the front and smiled and tossed it on the bed asking, “What is this?” I just asked him to read it, which he did, and then he came over and thanked me and gave me kisses all over my face and on the top of my head. Told me he loved me so much. I told him I loved him, too. Told him “Happy Father’s Day.” I am posting photos of the card but not what I wrote, as I want to keep that private between me and him. I thought this card was astoundingly IF/RPL-appropriate. There were so many cards that were just…too specific. Too “Daddy”-centric. “Baby”-centric. “You’re the best father to our child”-centric. This one was just right.

Just like with this past Mother’s Day, I spent this Father’s Day away from my parents. I saw my father on Thursday and had dinner and hung out with him and just talked. Gave him his card. I hope he understands. I hope they both understand how hard this year’s holidays are hurting.

The weekend did exactly what I wanted it to do: distract me from the ticking countdown to my monitoring appointment. I went three whole days barely thinking about it. Of course, now it’s Monday. So anxiety is ramping up. The hope that I have for this cycle has returned. The dread of a cancelled cycle is seeping into my subconscious. *sigh*

Two sleeps. Two more sleeps and hopefully I’ll be good to trigger and get on with things. Then I can be anxious about the 2ww. What an endless cycle.


2 thoughts on “Long Island, Father’s Day, Whoremones, and Monitoring Week

  1. Glad you had a nice getaway, and that yesterday was good day too. And I’m sure your dad understands that you needed time away with your husband this past weekend. Hope your hormones and symptoms are a good sign that that those ovaries are cooperating and making the perfect number of follies for you. Everything is crossed for you hon! Everything!

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