Oh Proper Thyroid Function, Where Art Thou?

Where I am: CD19
Medications: none
Symptoms: none

First of all, an acknowledgement of my most recent post about BFPs in the IF/RPL community. My blog has received 155 192 views from 67 89 visitors just today! The post itself? An astounding 78 88 views!

I mean…WHAT?!

I am flattered. I am touched. I wrote it as a nod to my preggo pals, and instead my blog is imploding from all the attention. Thank you!

Anyway, a small update. I got my thyroid and pituitary results back recently. My prolactin, thankfully, went down from a way too high 38.36 to an almost pregnancy-safe 16.64! So I will continue my half-pill of bromocriptine every night.

My thyroid… *sigh* My TSH went up slightly from 3.08 to 3.29. GRRRRRR! So frustrating, especially since they increased my dose since the last level!

The nurse called me today, and Dr. O wants to put me back on the dosage of levothyroxine I was on last fall (which consequently brought my TSH to an incredibly low level of .19 during my last pregnancy). I asked her whether or not we should have the free T3 and T4 done, and she said no because my level was within normal range.

This frustrated me a little bit. Isn’t the whole point of increasing my dose so that my thyroid levels are closer to pregnancy-safe? Why wouldn’t they want to make sure the tests are accurate??

I’m considering calling back and speaking to someone else…and requesting—or demanding—that I have those other tests done. I’m nervous the TSH alone isn’t being reliable, and the paranoia that my thyroid contributed to both my miscarriages is rampant and I don’t want it to happen again.

Anyway…CD19 today. Inching closer and closer to AF, I hope! Oh, and that reminds me—while I had the nurse on the phone, I had her put in an order with CVS Caremark for my new dosage of Clomid. I’ll probably call on Monday (CD23) and have it delivered the next day so that I have it for the start of my new cycle.

Fingers crossed that 1) AF shows up in a reasonable time, and 2) I clear my baseline ultrasound. I’m still having ovarian tenderness/pain in my abdomen that flares a little sometimes when I pee. I’m nervous the last Clomid cycle and possible OHSS did something to screw up my lady parts. I hope I’m wrong.

14 thoughts on “Oh Proper Thyroid Function, Where Art Thou?

  1. Thyroid! This is my struggle as well. I actually feel great on the dose I’m on, but my TSH was high last time. What the hell? They will retest me this next round. I hope it’s dropped again.

  2. That is especially odd that she wouldn’t test your free T3 and free T4 since TSH is released by the pituitary and it sounds like you have a pituitary adenoma? I’m a big believer in the STTM protocol for hypothyroid. They recommend dosing by symptoms and by free Ts.

    • It’s possible I have a pituitary tumor, but my prolactin resolved with medication. 😦 I don’t know…I think I’m going to hunt around for a second opinion, becoming pregnant and keeping a pregnancy are too important to me to let this stuff slide.

  3. I’ve been on thyroid meds since I was 5. It was super hyper when I was little and I had surgery to remove it. Levothtroxine is the generic of Synthroid, which may or may not be delivering the listed dosage. Generic meds have a tendency to be up or down 20% the dosage listed. I typically opt for generic meds, except for my thyroid. And my TSH was a mess when I was on levothtroxine. Keep fighting!! I hate how doctors don’t take thyroid as seriously as they should. If you can, try to see an endocrinologist specialist. I also attribute my high TSH to my miscarriage. Now my TSH has been stable at 0.58.

    • Ugh! I’m sorry you’ve had troubles, too. 😦 See the weird thing with me is, I’m so up and down. Increase my dosage, my TSH plummets, decrease the dosage, my TSH skyrockets, increase it a smidge, TSH decreases slightly, increase it a smidge again, TSH increases slightly?? What??? So confusing! Stupid body.

      I will keep fighting. I’m going to look and see if there’s an endocrinologist specialist in my practice…but RE stands for reproductive endocrinologist! I thought he would be more proactive about this! Grrrr.

  4. The endocrine system is so complicated. We have a family history of endocrine disorders–Addison’s disease for my grandma, hyperthyroid for my mom, and now PCOS for me. My poor mom went through so much to get her thyroid regulated. I really feel for you. I hope the new dose does the trick.

  5. I don’t know much about thyroid testing, but I do know that if it’s off it can be very dangerous during pregnancy, so I too am surprised that your doctor wouldn’t run all the tests! I don’t blame you at all for being worried about this! Hope you can convince them to take this seriously to make sure you’re on the right dosage of medication!

    Crossing everything that AF shows up on time and that all is good to go at your next scan!

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