Spring Colds, Dental Bills, Ovary Twinges — Oh My!

Where I am: CD9
Medications: none (finished Clomid Saturday!)
Symptoms: twinges in the right ovary…

Sorry I disappeared on y’all. Turns out what I had thought/hoped was allergies was actually a friggin’ cold. In the middle of May. In New England.


I hit rock bottom on Saturday. Felt my worst, and had a terrible headache from all the congestion. Every time I moved, I could feel the blood flow pick up speed in my skull. It killed me! I tried to go the entire day without taking anything, but I finally caved and took one dose of Tylenol in the evening (not Motrin/Advil! which is bad while on Clomid/TTC). It worked like magic and got me through dinner and got me to sleep. Yesterday I started feeling better, and today even better again. Mostly all the nastiness is in my chest now. I sound like I’ve been smoking for 40 years. Yummy.

As far as the whole Clomid-thing goes, starting to feel those tell-tale twinges. Mostly in my right ovary again. Which is making me slightly nervous, because the right is where that monstrous 30mm was last time. This makes me wary of two things: 1) that the 30mm was actually a cyst and it has grown again, or 2) my right ovary is being a medication-hog and is literally stealing ALL the Clomid just for itself. For one follicle.


Don’t get me wrong, I want my little follies to grow, grow, grow…but I don’t want one giant one that’s ridiculously large! I’d prefer ones that were a little more textbook, you know? Like even 20-22mm is fine with me.

Well, beggars can’t be choosers, right? Hmph.

Today, I had my 6-month teeth cleaning.

*smiles wide* SEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!

So, to make a long story only slightly long: I hate the dentist. I have this intense irrational fear about them. About four years ago my dad’s insurance dropped me right around the time I finished a year-long job at my school (and was therefore unemployed). Had to file for Commonwealth Care (the MA version of health care for poor people). That took forever. Then I got a job. Had to refile to change my status. Then I got a different job with benefits. By then I had cancelled my cleaning because my health care status was in flux earlier. Never made a new appointment. Three years passed. Many cavities formed. I decide to start TTC and have to regrettably make the trip to the dentist to get my mouth destroyed and rebuilt, basically.

Cut to seven months, two cleanings, and nearly ten “cosmetic” (read: A TON OF MOTHER-EFFING CAVITIES) appointments later, and my teeth are just dandy now. I’m terrified all the time, but I need to do what’s best for baby (and, really, what’s best for me, but I’ve never been good about doctors and dentists—until recently).

The only downside is that since I’m now on my husband’s insurance, my dentist is “out of plan.” Which is fancy speak for, “We aren’t going to pay for all of your shit all the time.”

But I can’t switch dentists. I just can’t. The guy who does the cavities/cosmetic stuff is a GOD. He’s amazingly calm, comforting, great with anesthesia, and a perfectionist. He knows I have anxiety and is always making sure I’m comfortable and can’t feel pain. He’s amazing. And he’s also kind of attractive, and he has an accent (I think he’s from Romania?). And there’s just something about him that calms me. And, for now at least, while I’m fixing my mess of a mouth, I need to feel as comfortable as possible or I’m not going to go anymore. And I can’t afford to have bad dental hygiene right now, not while TTC.

My hygienist is awesome, too. Don’t get me wrong. She keeps me distracted by talking about her life and asking about mine and is as gentle as she can be.

As a matter of fact (since I’ve somehow segued into my cosmetic dentist infatuation, and this is a blog about IF), I had to break it to my hygienist today that I miscarried (which, not sure how much of a “break” it was since I would be…almost 8 months now? …yeah, kind of would’ve been obvious…). She apologized, and I told her about the fertility stuff and she wished me luck (surprisingly didn’t give me any platitudes!). She then told me she has an appointment with an RE because her OB referred her to one, telling her she was on the “old side” of things (at 34?!) and that she should get a fertility workup. Oi.

Anyway, whoa. Sidetracked again. So with all of my cosmetic appointments, I ran up my coverage for the year (in May, only five months into the year, HAH HAH HAH, whoops). I’ve got an outstanding bill somewhere on the upside of $1,200 left for the previous appointments, and then had to pay $100 out of pocket for today’s cleaning. Blerg. Lucky for me, the practice is self-standing and can be a little, er, “accommodating” sometimes for patients. The receptionist knows about my RPL/IF (since it’s medical history, I have to update the office whenever I go in of anything I’m undergoing for treatment) and has had a miscarriage of her own, and she was able to swing a 10% discount off the larger bill as long as I pay it in the next two weeks. It’s only saving me a couple hundred at most, but I’ll take anything I can get. And they’re sweet for doing it. Because we all know I’m not getting any coverage or discounts for my fertility treatments!

Anyway, here I am at work with a wicked sore and sensitive mouth and a ton of work to do. I just wanted to hop on here and write this out. Let you all know what I’m up to. First follicle scan is tomorrow morning…fingers crossed for no cysts and a little more balance with mature follies than last time!!

9 thoughts on “Spring Colds, Dental Bills, Ovary Twinges — Oh My!

  1. I’m on my third clomid cycle, and EVERY single time, it’s my right ovary that ends up stimulated. My left ovary does not care about clomid. At all. I thought maybe I was just weird. Fingers crossed for a cyst-free scan and that you’re feeling better ASAP.

    • Really??? What the hell! That is so weird…we must have stubborn left ovaries, haha. It’s funny, I heard once that you can tell from which ovary you ovulate by which side of your face gets acne or the worst acne (if you get it at all). The right side of my face always gets the brunt of AF’s hormones, so I wonder if that’s why! Maybe my right ovary is just the one carrying the load…

      Thanks for the crossing!! And hopefully I feel even better tomorrow! 😀

      • That’s so interesting about the acne issue. Usually the right side of my face gets the worst of it too, but I always just figured it’s because I spend more time sleeping on that side or something. Very interesting!

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so awful! Glad you’re on the mend now. It’s great that you got your dentist appointments all taken care of too. You just reminded me that I haven’t been for a cleaning and check up in almost a year! Eek! I cancelled my 6 month appointment because we were in the middle of IVF last year and I didn’t want the extra stress ( I hate the dentist too), but now I’m almost a year since my last appointment. Better make an appointment!

    Thinking about you and praying for perfectly growing follies this time around! I hope this is it!

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