All Systems Go, Round 2

Where I am: CD3
Medications: Clomid, Day 1 of 5
Symptoms: none

And on Cycle Day 3, we revved the engines and took off for another lap.

I had my baseline at 1:00-ish this afternoon. First, let me tell you: there is a world—a world—of difference between dealing with Mr Dildo Wand on CD2 and dealing with him on CD3. Last cycle, I went in on the former, and my God, I half expected all my girly innards to run for the hills…it was that painful.

Speaking of pain, allow me to tangent for one second because CRAMPS. It has been a while since I lost sleep over cramps. A while. Sunday night, I was up until 4:30AM, and then up every hour after that until my alarm went off three hours later, because of the pain. It was horrible. It took three doses of Tylenol spread throughout the day yesterday to get me through. Thankfully, they were more or less gone by this morning.

Okay, off the tangent. Back to my appointment. Today was CD3 and I was barely having any cramping, so the ultrasound wasn’t too painful. The tech was chattier than usual today, probably because she’s starting to get to know us. (Fun fact: With the exception of when I went to the hospital for my blighted ovum bleeding and when I went into the city for my NT scan last Christmas Eve, I’ve seen her every time I go in for an ultrasound. Every time. First time I saw her was a year ago this week for a follow-up ultrasound on my blighted ovum. She’s a sweetheart.) She asked if we were doing Clomid, and I said “Yes, again, because the first time didn’t work!” I let out a playful sigh at the end, and she laughed and then reassured us that hardly anyone ever conceived on the first try with Clomid and not to worry at all. She asked about school and work, and took her pictures and wrote her notes.

At the end, she said “Probably see you in a week then? You’re monitoring this cycle, right?” So I took that as a good sign (she wouldn’t say that if she thought something was abnormal, like that 30mm from last cycle that we’d hoped wasn’t a cyst).

J met me at the office for this appointment, which was sweet. With our first pregnancy, he was training in CA so he missed everything. Literally. Every ultrasound, every appointment, and even the D&E. So I think he tries extra hard to come to as many appointments as he can, even just for monitoring or baseline ultrasounds. He’s even tried to come with me for bloodwork but I told him that was a little overboard! Still…he’s sweet.

So we got Dunkin’ after the appointment and sat to talk for a few minutes (despite it being in the same city I work in, traffic both was was a bitch and the office made me wait 15 minutes for my appointment, so my lunch hour was eaten up pretty quickly). I then rushed back to work to wait for what I thought would be hours.

But at 2:30 they called me and told me we’re all set! I didn’t ask specifics because I was in my cubicle and have people around me (work is in the dark on all this, obviously), but I’m sure if there was anything notable to talk about, they would have. I start Clomid tonight and then have my first follie ultrasound next Tuesday the 20th.


I’m excited to try again. I’m feeling optimistic. I want to write more, but I’m busy at work and feeling crappy (allergies are in full force, my throat is killing me as a result and, thanks to TTC, I can’t take Zyrtec! *laughs in an annoyed fashion*). So I’ll be back later this week to write some more.

Also, sidenote: made an appointment for my hair to be done next Saturday. In January (or February?) I had purple streaks put in my hair. Since it’s naturally dark, my stylist had to bleach the streaks before putting the color in. Well, it’s been months, and now those streaks are not purple but instead a bleached-whiteish-greyish-blondish weird color! I have to wear my hair up every day because I look like a freak with it down. I’ve been putting it off for the last month or so because of TTC but I just can’t wait anymore. So I’m going for it.

Hopefully, since the appointment would be before any implantation or whatnot would occur, it’ll be fine.

If it won’t, please let me know.

But I think it will.

Belief over misery, I’ve seen the enemy
And I won’t go back, back to how it was
I’ve got my heart set on what happens next
I’ve got my eyes wide, it’s not over yet
We are miracles, and we’re not alone…

– Switchfoot, This Is Home

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