Totally Lost in a New Experience

Where I am: CD13 [3dpt(rigger)]
Medications: Crinone 2x daily (started this morning)
Symptoms: stomach is on-and-off weird, achy feeling in ovaries just started to let up this morning

So here I am, officially in the 2ww.

I’ll be honest, yesterday I was seriously doubting this cycle. My ovaries had been achy for days and I was starting to become paranoid in thinking that 30mm was actually a cyst and that’s why my right ovary was still so sore—because it was still in there! Plus, I’m paranoid that I somehow f**ked up the trigger and that maybe I’m not ovulating…

…see, ladies, I’ve never done this whole, like…I don’t know, “tracking” thing. I never did basal temps, or investigated my cervical goo, or…any of that. J and I just tried. We just didn’t use protection and I kind of tried to have us baby dance around when my period app told me I’d be ovulating, and it just happened. Twice. It would be annoyingly awesome if not for the fact that I miscarried both times.

Hoping this means I didn't f**k it up! :D

Hoping this means I didn’t f**k it up! 😀

So in short, I don’t know what ovulation pains are like. I’ve never paid attention to any of this. So now I find myself in the weird position of thinking “I know I should be ovulating because I triggered” and genuinely not knowing if I am, because I don’t know how that feels.

It’s kind of aggravating.

Anyway, I digress. I took HPTs the morning after I triggered (10 hours later, to be precise) and this morning—see photo—and there was a visible line both times. I am taking this as a sign that I didn’t screw anything up, the HCG is in my system, and is hopefully triggering (or already triggered) ovulation. I woke up this morning and my ovaries felt significantly less achier than yesterday. In fact, my uterus now feels a little achy. Maybe there’s little eggies and spermies gettin’ busy in there, who knows. I can only hope.

But that’s about all I’m going to do, is hope. And test every other day until the line disappears and/or starts getting darker (and then I might test every day).

Sidenote: I also started my progesterone suppositories this morning. In my hoohah. Weird friggin’ feeling, right? Sheesh.

My final project for one of my classes in graduate school is due Wednesday. I’m not even halfway done with it yet. We have a make-up class from a snow day tonight, so I’ll be heading into Boston early to work on the project with the Adobe programs there at school and gathering a little plethora of questions to ask my professor when we use computer lab time to work on the projects and get feedback. Sunday through Tuesday is going to be rough as I pull together the rest of the pieces…and then class is Wednesday night.

SO! If you don’t see me here on WordPress for a while, don’t fear. I’ll be back once this semester is behind me. But honestly, I need to put infertility and the 2ww in the back of my mind so I can perfect this project and get an A in this class. Wish me luck! I’ll try to check in with you guys occasionally, but if not, baby dust to those of you trying this cycle and good thoughts and vibes to those of you awaiting second betas and/or ultrasounds!! ❤

** Edit: I originally posted “3dpt” up at the top of my post, which apparently means “days past transfer” not “days past trigger.” My sincere apologies for screwing that up. As I just said, I know nothing! 🙂 **

6 thoughts on “Totally Lost in a New Experience

  1. For the record, I can rarely tell when I’m ovulating, but my numbers are showing that I have… so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything. I have to remind myself that what is happening is microscopic, and that helps me put it in prospective.

    It is so hard to trust our doctors and to have blind faith in this process sometimes, isn’t it?

    As for the progesterone, yeah… those things SUCK!!! I have literally done a happy dance the past two cycles when I haven’t needed them. Do you know why your doc started you on them so soon? Mine usually doesn’t until ovulation has been confirmed progesterone draw. Either way… those things are nasty in more ways than one!!!

    Keep us posted!!!

    • Yeah, I am not sure about why my RE is having me start them so soon. It’s weird because I’ll be on the progesterone suppositories a week before he tests the progesterone to see if I ovulated. Hmmm. Maybe it is a small enough dose that won’t affect the results? He told me he would start me on progesterone back when he tested me for everything in January because he doesn’t think I am producing enough on my own.

      Thanks for your experience, though, that makes me feel a little better. 😀 And I will keep you in the loop!

  2. Okay.. a couple of things here: I refuse to temp… I hate all the stress that causes for me. It’s so hard to do too. My husband bought me the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor (it’s expensive, but it even works with Clomid and Follistim and it’s pretty low stress) but I do think you if you don’t want to temp you could follow ovulation by the cheap amazon OPK to look at the line. Also, I know you already know this but the pink lines are better. I always test the trigger out with the cheap Wondfo tests from amazon- they do work and detect trigger for about 8-9 days. Here’s the link: They are super cheap too. If you order them now and you plan on testing early you can pee on as many sticks without feeling guilty. I usually start testing at 10dpo and if I ‘think’ I see a line I test with the FRER (expensive tests). I would recommend that you don’t test early, but who are we kidding, I do it every time. Yes, progesterone is weird. I tried explaining to the hubs and the best I got is I feel like I’m leaking oil.

    Good luck with your final project for your class and the TWW.

  3. Yay! It definitely sounds like you ovulated to me! Keeping everything crossed hon! And good luck with your project. I can’t wait for an update in a couple weeks 🙂

  4. Good luck on your project! Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog so I nominated you for a Leibster award! Head to my blog for details!

    • Thanks!! In the home stretch, only about 48 hours left to work on it and, equally, 48 hours until the end of the class! 😀

      Thank you for the Liebster! I will get right to it once I am past this project and the spring semester. 🙂

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